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Aims - The aims of the Friends of Borth y Gest are to look after and improve our village.  The Friends of Borth-y-Gest is open to anyone with an interest in Borth-y-Gest.  There is no subscription for membership.

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Borth y Gest Defibrillator. There will be an Event on Sunday 8th October.  (See Events)  


Friends of Borth y Gest Coffee Mornings on the first Tuesday of the month at Seaview Café from 10.30am til noon. (See Events)


Friends of Borth y Gest Annual General Meeting was held on June 20th 2017. Deirdre Burke and Robert Idris Jones stood down as Chairperson and Treasurer respectively.  Robert had valiantly been doing the job for twelve years. David Medcalf is the new Treasurer. The Friends have no Chair or Secretary, but do have plenty of Committee members (see Contacts).

Borth-y-Gest Open Gardens Day was held on Sunday 25th June 2017. It was a very successful day and £2520 was raised.  Of this £1420 will go to the two charities: Wales Air Ambulance and Hospice at Home.  £1100 was raised for the Friends of Borth-y-Gest.

Parking charges in Borth y Gest car park. Note you now have to pay for parking during the day in the village carpark, though it is relatively cheap!

Facebook Group  We have a very active Facebook Group.  Click here to go to “The Friends of Borth-y-Gest” Facebook Group where we post photos and details of events etc. Then ask to join the Group.

Neighbourhood Watch News.  See file for more information by clicking here.

2017 Tides.  For Tide Tables for Criccieth, where the tides are a few minutes earlier than Borth-y-Gest please click on this link.  Note the times are BST:  Porthmadog Tide Tables

Orienteering Course  If you would like to download a map of the course in Parc y Borth please click here.  There are 32 orienteering posts listed but four seem to be missing.  Please contact the Website editor ( if you have any comments or suggestions about the map and course.  Orienteering is great fun for all ages.

Wild Flowers Here is Kevin Hall's list of the 48 flowering plants that were spotted on the Wild Flower walk on 18th June: 

Water Figwort, Ivy-leaved toadflax, Green alkanet, Foxglove, Tree Mallow, Black Bryony, Bittersweet, French Cranesbill*,Hawkweed, Herb Robert, Red Campion, Gorse, Broom, Bitter Vetchling, Japanese Knotweed!!, Meadow Vetchling, White Clover, Burnet Rose, English Stonecrop, Wall Pennywort, Goosegrass, Honeysuckle, Dovesfoot Cranesbill, Germander Speedwell, White Poplar, Creeping Buttercup, Great Willowherb, Selfheal, Greater Knapweed, Lesser Trefoil, Pale Toadflax, Yorkshire Fog, Sheeps' Sorrel, Common Sorrel, Wild Pansy, Hop Trefoil, Ground Elder, Pignut, Silverweed, Greater&Lesser Stitchwort, Bluebell, Bell Heather, Red Clover, Tormentil, Field Forget-me-not, Cocksfoot grass, Enchanter's Nightshade.
* means it is a garden escape, !! means an invasive alien plant.


Birds in the Area  The North Wales Wildlife Trust ( carried out a survey of the birds seen in two of their nature reserves on 15th May 2013.  The two nature reserves are Morfa Bychan and Greenacres.  Details of their location and access etc can be found on the website above.  You can see Excel spreadsheets listing the birds with their scientific and Welsh names by clicking on Morfa Bychan bird list and Greenacres bird list.


Portmeirion peninsula walk  Richard Walwyn led this walk a few years ago. Click here for a copy of his notes.


Porthmadog Maritime Museum has been thoroughly re-organised with many new exhibits and it is well worth a visit. The museum is open from 12 noon to 4pm every day from Easter to the end of October. Admission charges for 2016,  Adult : £2.00 each.   If you are interested in getting involved and volunteering there are monthly meetings at the Yacht Club on the first Wednesday of the month at 8.00pm.  For more information contact John Jones-Morris on 01766 512153 or email drjohn.bryngauallt@btinternet.comClick here to see some photographs of the museum.  Please note that there is a new bilingual Facebook page for the Museum - and its website is


Some Local History Books are available through or from Browsers Bookshop.


A Little History of f Borth-y-Gest by Richard Walwyn is published by Delfryn Publications. The book is an A5 paperback in black and white with a colour cover.  There are 3 maps, 13 illustrations and several tables.  The ISBN Number is 978-0-9561469-4-6. 







Portmadoc and its Resources was published in 1856.  It was written under the pen name Madog ap Owain Gwynedd.  This current book is a reprint of the original extremely rare book.  The editor, Richard Walwyn the author of A Little History of Borth-y-Gest, has kept the pagination, spellings the same, with some minor corrections to mistakes made in the 1856 edition. Portmadoc and Its Resources 1856 has 56 pages. It is paperback, A5 size and its ISBN No is 978-0-9561469-6-0.





The Gestiana was published in Welsh in 1892, and was written by Robert Isaac Jones under the pseudonym of Alltud Eifion.  His book is highly rated by people who have an interest in the history of the area surrounding Porthmadog.  In 1988 Jack Kidd from Pentrefelin undertook the very demanding task of translating Y Gestiana into English.  This current book is based on this translation and has some rather idiosyncratic phraseology which perhaps aimed to capture the spirit of the original Welsh. The editor, Richard Walwyn is the author of A Little History of Borth-y-Gest and editor of  Portmadoc and Its Resources 1856The Gestiana has 188 pages, is paperback, A5 size and its ISBN No is 978-0-9561469-7-7




 Map of Region

   Borth-y-Gest is between Porthmadog and Black Rock Sands.




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